"I don't do things Half-Heartedly. Because I know if I do, I can expect Half-Hearted Results."

- Michael Jordan

Boys Volleyball (Spring 2018) Roster

If your name is listed on under the J.V. Roster, report to J.V. practice. If your name is listed under the Varsity Roster, report to Varsity Practice

J.V. Roster 

1. Andrew Poirier

2. Shawn Eddy-Joost

3. Ethan Cole

4. Mason Brown

5. John Tripodi

6.Liam Manni

7. Nathaniel Felicetti

8. Sam Miller

9. Andrew Campbell

10. Perry Sabourin

11. Jacob Linacre

12. Brian Cuddy

13. Matt Mania

14. Zach Miller

Varsity Roster  

1. Sean Jackson

2. Connor Klein

3. Nick Testa

4. Zach Richard

5. Shawn Gebelein

6.Nick Graichen

7. Tom Hingerty

8. Lawson Laurent

9.Connor Allamby

10.Riley Hughes

11.Shea Jackson

12.  Nathaniel Felicetti